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Leading digital printing new change, Ke Mei Beijing customers to promote the meeting

Number of visits: Date:2016-3-14 15:01
February 4 in the afternoon, Konica Minolta office system (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Konica Minolta) in commercial buildings in Beijing Jing Guang Center held the "leading digital printing revolution" bizhub press C1100/C1085 customers will promote. High performance color digital printing new bizhub press C1100/C1085 has high productivity and paper processing ability and stable high quality image and can also realize the human saving and high added value and has better maneuverability.
Meeting first by digital printing solution applications support division He Yijun for distinguished guests present detailed introduces some characteristics of the bizhub press C1100/C1085 series of new products and share the successful cases at home and abroad. He mentioned that the printing quality of new products can truly comparable to offset, so that the printed matter by showing the color more vivid, enhances the color reduction, Konica Minolta philosophy covers "offset coexistence", "extended" and "do more" target. "High performance digital printing system" the launch of Konica Minolta's practice of these ideas and support business development.
Konica Minolta solutions support division He Yijun
Konica Minolta solutions support division He Yijun
Then digital printing business department of North China Area Sales Mgr Zhu Yingjun for everyone introduces and MGI and EFI cooperation jet 3ds VARNISH digital local UV3D polishing machine and EFIH1625 UV led the printer. Director of Zhu Yingjun said by MGI and EFI's cooperation, the solutions for local UV and 3D relief effect, Konica Minolta believe will lead toward a new era of innovation and profit.
Konica Minolta sales division Zhu Yingjun
Konica Minolta sales division Zhu Yingjun
In the next part of the interaction, in the presence of customers are in the meeting introduced new products produced strong interest, and the staff of its focus on Problems and Konica Minolta are discussed, atmosphere is very active. Some customers said "customer demand is constantly changing, from printing to digital printing, the delivery period is becoming shorter and shorter, the quality demands are growing, hope, Konica Minolta and customers can share the latest and best digital printing systems and solutions.
Finally at the leadership of the exchange of Konica Minolta said Konica Minolta will fully meet customer different needs, and constantly improve the users of business development space, to create greater value for customers.

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