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On the basis of the overall packaging strategy, high-quality growth leading the new wing added

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Overall packaging solutions provider strategy is expected to achieve the dual expansion of customer and business model innovation. Overall packaging solution strategy, through packaging design, brand planning and other extended service chain, will three piece cans of food, three pieces of beverage cans, two pieces of beverage cans and filling operations bind the customer, so as to attract and develop new strategic customers, the company can be earlier to participate in the downstream enterprises are in the process of production and marketing, to solve customers in product design, production and sales links encountered difficulties, due to the high added value service business volume increased, this business model compared with the traditional model, for the company to provide greater gross profit space to improve.
High speed growth is expected to continue. Three cans of Red Bull customer sales growth rebounded, expanding market revenue two cans JDB, Tsingtao Brewery and other downstream customers rely on. From the point of view of the first half of the sales situation, the 2015 Red Bull sales growth can be rose to more than 20%, the three pieces of beverage cans revenue to obtain the safeguard, in addition to the Red Bull big customer retention and foreign, companies pay more attention to the customer development, and JDB, Qingdao beer, Yanjing beer and two piece can customers established stable relations of cooperation. Companies continue to optimize the process, adjust sales costs, management costs, although the decline in product prices in recent years, but the overall gross margin continued to improve in the future still have further room for improvement in the process.
Red Bull signed a two-dimensional code service agreement is a successful case of the company involved in the production process of downstream manufacturers. Established in early 2014 Hong Rui Packaging Technology Service Co., Ltd. and the company's own technical team to protect the company can provide customers, including brand planning, packaging design and manufacturing, filling services, information assistant marketing, integrated packaging services, important progress has been made in the aspects of business model innovation, the company gradually completed the traditional metal packaging manufacturer to new integrated packaging solution solution provider of the magnificent transformation.
Non-public offering to increase the object is related to the company's major shareholders, management, Red Bull shareholders and other industrial capital, is expected to help the company's future extension, cross-border expansion. The company has set up a buyout fund, is expected to use the capital market platform, in the packaging industry and related production capacity to carry out the layout. Interventional downstream customers Red Bull, reflect the recognition on the org development, promoting the interests of the company and customers of the depth bound, reduce single customer revenue accounted for the ratio is too high to bring the potential risks. In addition, as the leading domestic sales of functional drinks, the sports events sponsorship experienced, is expected to with the company formed complementary advantages.
Expected company 2015-2017 respectively achieve operating income 69.19 billion yuan, 86.71 million yuan, 108.96 billion yuan, attributable to the parent company net profit of 10.53 billion yuan, 1.329 billion yuan, 16.14 billion yuan, the issuance of diluted EPS were 1.07 yuan and 1.35 yuan, 1.64 yuan, respectively, corresponding to PE 25 times, 20 times, 16 times.

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