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Printing enterprises in the growth of how to follow the survival of the law

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Every day in the world are in the occurrence of the status and trends of changes, especially in digital technology as representatives of the three times during the industrial revolution, new product cycle becomes shorter, new ideas emerge in endlessly, printing circle similarly so. We should not only embrace the enthusiasm of new things, but also should have a new change in the face of the new changes of calm and net, both are indispensable. Deletion of the former we may be outdated, but the lack of the latter we have probably because of new things a smattering of walking the road out of the way, and ultimately backfire lead loser.
May is the source to the printing originally and culture combined closely, it would also be possible to print itself "and the computer with the close of a profession" Wang Xuanyu, printing people in the pursuit of new things always holds the printing education the greatest enthusiasm, willing to closely follow the trend.
Ten years ago, began to carry out by the international organization for standardization launch and implementation of ISO9000 quality management system certification, scrambling for printing enterprises, have invested to invite qualified third party to examine business standards, although some are buy certificate delivery, in the execution, there is a deviation, so far some enterprises through quality certification may still is specious. , both in the implementation of comprehensive resources planning (ERP), or for expansion after the listing, printing people walk in the forefront, therefore, CTP, printing circle also appeared a number of overreach, expansion led to the excessive capital strand breaks boss helplessness rampant escape case. Recently, the printing enterprise in the docking of the Internet, electronic commerce development and began to feel an upsurge of emotion, unwilling to lag behind, both appeared in the successful model of screen printing, also there is no lack of low spirited retreat pioneer, all this is living history. Of course, there are countless years need ladder of the paving stones, so that others successfully through above. And how to The seas are in turmoil. no true colour of a hero!
Embrace the enthusiasm of new things let printing man-made new technology, new material, new technology of frantic, worry about falling; lack of the accurate judgment to new things and down-to-earth spirit of personalized printing, and makes some investment empty naught, money to buy just a lesson, it is to the static under heart to seek pursuit of new things enthusiasm and accept new things calm unity between them. Unwilling people, all things for the leading convex printing, is a good thing. But the facts tell us that everything should be a degree, but it is a disaster, it is inevitable to hurt yourself. When the conditions are not ripe in a hurry on the road, the journey is doomed to be difficult to fully enjoy.
Darwin, a famous British evolutionary scholar, said: "the nature" is not the most powerful, nor the most intelligent, but the most able to adapt to the change of species." Therefore, the printing industry can achieve the success of an enterprise not everything has to advance, the important is know how to avoid weaknesses, embossed enemy, the pursuit of differences in management; is to choose the timing of the attack, the static like virgin, such as Tuotu do "the most able to adapt to the change of enterprise. Not to mention any attempt to need capital support, there is a risk of failure RR Donnelley, for lack of enough strength in the enterprise really do not like in summing up the successful experience of other people or is based on the lessons from the failure, after the new things delve into a relatively clear and then shot come real and solid and do a market niche for printing circle more small and medium-sized enterprises.
May be because we are living in a noisy blast crisis era and fear behind become Zu, let a person dare not slack carton. But the situation is that there are times when we are going a bit too fast, before is still not fully grasp the market, there is no new things has a sufficient understanding before, we have blithely has taken steps, even terms, yet to enjoy new things bring us happiness has from the highest fell down and not destroyed, at least have made a mass of bruises, need reforming Qi drum pressure concavoconvex, start all over again, but can from scratch again, after all, is not possible then all.
If you don't believe it, look at the facts:
To the electricity supplier, for example: 2005 December 29, Shanghai Jielong Industry took the lead in the creation of the longying network. They are undoubtedly the industry's first enterprise of electric shock, nothing but the purpose is to lead the industry in the first film, to seize the initiative and win the market. But until 2011 June 30, in stumble through the five first half of the year after the leader low noble head Epson, announced the delisting. Reason what in? The direction is not correct? Of course not, the only explanation is: the development of B2C market is far from mature, Jielong choose to enter this field time is too early, only is to pay for the timing of the wrong choice and money in exchange for the lesson.
Things far more than the commercial printing, after the delisting of longying network and the painted book network and exit, but the frustration of these enterprises far from causing the attention of industry peers. On the contrary, attracted more waging. We naturally admire the courage of these investors, they are not afraid of the failure of previous Fuji Xerox, hope to stand on the shoulders of their predecessors can become more high. In fact, then a burst of public opinion offensive also let the market is booming, unable to stop. But the harsh reality is that before 2014 list printing circle 20 sites a year later has eight have not listed here, really do not know 2015 printing circle of the 180 sites and a year later what will survive well adobe, which is waiting for us.

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